Quickstart with jFinder - action


" Ok, now I have my list of files within jFinder, what can I do we that ? " you are wondering.
You can't do anything... yet.

Right click on the list

As you can see my right clicking the list, the action menu is deseperatly empty (the center of the red square on the picture). Then let's enter some actions.

Go to the "Cration of a new Action" dialog box.

Click the "Action control" menu.

Action control menu

Select the "Add an action to the PopupMenuAction". The following dialog box appears:

Action creation dialog box

Select the executable of a file

Click the browse button and this dialog box appears

Open file dialog box

Go and search for the executable you want to run, i.e. /usr/bin/xmms or C:\Program files\Winamp\winamp.exe

Open file dialog box@/usr/bin

Press "OK" and you should go back to the "Cration of a new Action" dialog box, with the program text field filled.

Action creation dialog box

If you wish, you can add command line options after the line. i.e. to enqueue in xmms, [...]/xmms -e, and to enqueue in winamp, [...]\winamp.exe /add

Action creation dialog box

Enter a name for this action and validate

Fill the name text field

Action creation dialog box

Then press "OK"

Verify the item was added in the menu

Do right click on the file list, and ensure the item was added on the PopupMenu

PopupMenu filled

Use the action

Select some files with the usual CTRL+click or SHIFT+click combination, then right click the list.

PopupMenu filled

Select the action, and you should now see your files in XMMS or winamp.

PopupMenu filled

That's it, you' ve finished the guide. Congratulation

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