Quickstart with jFinder - Indexation


When you first start jFinder, you don't have any indexation set. Then, let's see how to set it up.

Empty jFinder

Go to the "New Indexation" dialog box

First, go to the "Index control" menu.

Index Control menu

Then select the "Add Indexation" item. This dialog box should appear.

New indexation dialog box

Select the folder to indexate

For the example, I will select the eclipse folder in my home directory. But you can select just any folder (as long as you have the rights to read it).

Click the "Browse" button and the folder selection dialog box should appear.

Folder Selection dialog box

At this point select the folder you want to indexate and click the "Index" button.

The selected folder appears in the "Folder:" text field.

New indexation dialog box, folder entered

Enter a name for the indexation

Fill the "Name :" text field with the name you would like to appear in the checkbox button. In my case, I've just entered "eclipse".

New indexation dialog box, completely filled


Press the "Ok" button, and the indexation check box will appear.

jFinder with index checkbox

Verify the stuff

Wait a moment for the indexation to complete, then click the created checkbox, and you'll see the content of that indexation.

jFinder with index checkbox checked

Good, you're now ready to make a search on this indexation.

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