Quickstart with jFinder - search

Select the indexation were you want to search

Click the checkbox were you want to make the search, in this example, we select "music".

Indexation selected

NOTE: files of this guide can be found at LegalTorrents

Start a search

In the search text field, enter the patern you want to search, i.e. we want to listen music, so we'll look for mp3 files which the extension is .mp3, then we'll enter ".mp3".

Search for .mp3

Refine the search

Let's suppose that, when you saw that list, you imediatly wanted to listen some Khonnor, then enter a space " " followed by the first caracters of "Khonnor" : "kh"

search for khonnor

NOTE: search is case insensitive

Append a new search

When we first started to make the search, we searched mp3 files, but we can have some ogg files to. Then we can append a new search this one.

Enter a "/" followed by ".ogg"

search for khonnor

As you can see there isn't any Khonnor within the .ogg search. So yoy can now go through the action page.

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